Lea Walters

Lea Walters joined her Mummy Maggie and Daddy Scott through adoption on Jan 2nd, 2006. Lea hails from the Philippines and now lives in the Blue Mountains 80K west of Sydney NSW Australia.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

My mate Hannah and I got together a few weeks back. It was great to meet another kid from Rehoboth. Posted by Picasa
It sometimes helps to take a different view of the world. Posted by Picasa
I was feeling a bit sick so mummy let me ride on her shoulders... I though that was OK! Posted by Picasa
OK I'm up, where's my coffee! Posted by Picasa
My first performance in Church was "This little light of mine"... Well they gave me this glowstick and I thought maybe Rudolf the red nose reign deer had one of these up his nose and.... well I thought if I could get my nose to shine that it would be really kewl and.... ahh well, lots of people got a laugh out of it anyhow. Posted by Picasa
Sometimes you need your babychino before you feel normal in the morning. Posted by Picasa